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It was such a pleasure interviewing Natalie as she is so passionate about Lake Macquarie and all it has to offer. Her energy is palpable, and her enthusiasm for the region endless!

Thanks for being the first of many "Women With Style" interviews Natalie.


How long have you lived on Lake

Since 1988 – thanks to my late father John Lett, to whom we owe it all! As a young family based in Mascot, we would load up the car to visit family friends in Balcolyn, where we would stay weekends, enjoy outdoor adventures and lake activities like water skiing, fishing, offshore prawning (at night time down at Shingle Splitters Point), and check on crab pots over the course of the weekend.

Day or night there was always fun to be had, and plenty to do – whether it was torch spotting a possum or an owl in the bushland behind our friend’s property, evening barbecues, or watching sunsets from Shingles Splitters. Even the task of washing the boat after a day on the lake resulted in a soapsuds fight amongst the kids. There was always amusement and fun to be had.

This area offers so much to families, children growing up, or adults who are still young at heart with a desire to explore some of nature’s hidden treasures in the great outdoors. I love where we live!


Tell us what makes you feel truly grateful to live in such a beautiful place?

From my early childhood in Mascot, (attending a school with concrete spaces and large brick/cement education buildings), followed by after-school activities in metro suburb sports grounds and public parks, to lying on the trampoline with my siblings (looking up at the airbuses that flew overhead), or waving to our friends up at the adjacent flats from our small above-ground pool – my early childhood was filled with diversity!

I was eight years old when our family moved to Bonnells Bay, the place I still call home to this day.

It was new beginnings for my siblings and I at Bonnells Bay Public School. A humble primary school without any concrete buildings, a dozen demountables, a small canteen and cladded library (the original dwelling from the school’s opening in 1912) – a playground covered in pine needles and cones, and a generous grassy sporting field!

It was fringed by bushland, abundant with kangaroos, wallabies and goannas! It was an incredible contrast from our previous life.

An unknown, undisturbed, beautiful, relaxed environment, yet with so many new opportunities. I made lifelong friends, and I still appreciate the beauty of Morisset Peninsula and Lake Macquarie, all thanks to my considerate father, whose vision it was to bring us to an amazing place and let us grow up here! And, whether it was the water sports, lake activities or exploring the surrounding wonders by camping or 4WDing in the Watagan Mountains… this place captured the hearts of my family, and it naturally became our loving home.

For all of what this humble homeland has offered and continues to offer me, I am eternally grateful!


What motivates you to get up and start your day?

The fresh clean air, the comfortable climate, the open sky, the glorious views across the water to the mountains, and most of all the beautiful lake! I only have to look at the lake and it makes me feel happy and motivated.

Seeing the sun glimmer over the water is this girl’s best friend, and it beats diamonds any day (haha). It’s all about appreciation, after all – the best things in life are free! I love sharing life with my loved ones – my partner Dave, our rescue dogs JESSiE & BiGGiE, our families, friends and neighbours.

There is enough for everyone to enjoy this beautiful Lake Mac Life 💞 And it’s also what I say about working in real estate, there is plenty of opportunities to go around, so always respect what is there in front of you, instead of longing for what is not 😉.


Give us a quick rundown of your morning routine.

When I was younger, I would love a sleep in! But now (as my dad would always say) I’m “up at Sparrow’s Fart” (haha) … back then we would wake and rise to the sounds of banging pots and pans. My father was fun and cheeky like that. You can tell he was my best mate, right? I miss him dearly, which makes me appreciate life so much, and now I adore early morning starts!

My brain kicks into gear early, usually out of bed at sun up with the sun rising (or before). Blinds open, appreciate the amazing view, smile, be thankful for what I have. Kettle on.

Straight into work (I am a tad obsessed – maybe even a workaholic), so after checking emails from overnight enquiries, kickstart coffee 1, then greet my beautiful indoor fur-babies, and off to the backyard for their morning routine. Water my plants, chat to my neighbour over the fence. Shower and get ready for the day, and its go time!

Coffee 2. Straight back into work, small snack (cannot do a big breakfast when my mind is fully occupied), get through as much of my ‘To Do’ list as possible, then off to appointments, appraisals, buyer appointments, photo shoots, meetings etc. I always ensure I’m with plenty of drinking water in the car, plus a snack pack (dehydration and lack of food = absolute energy killer)!

Like all busy property agents it’s then back to the laptop, general admin, phone calls and emails. Proof marketing items, attend to reports, property records and filing, banking and post etc. Then comes part 2 of the day. Breathe. Re fuel. Repeat!


Who inspires you to live your
best life?

My Dad. John Lett is my hero, my best friend, my spiritual guide, my guardian angel and was always that person who would give me a direct answer. No sugar coating, no exaggeration, just pure honesty (occasionally brutal – probably where I also get it from haha).

Alongside my Dad, was always my dear Mum, who is still with us and continues to support me daily. Dad would eyeball me and say “Nat, life is too short, make the most of it, live your best life, and don’t let anyone hold you back”. With that I have been fortunate enough to find an amazing character in my partner Dave, who processes many similar attributes and qualities to that of my father. Dave is very positive, very social, and loves people. He is also very generous, hard-working, intelligent and a Rugby League fanatic (haha).

So, I guess I have the hat trick… all three of these special souls inspire me daily! Dad for his strength, willpower and determination. Mum for her heart, ever-giving kindness and calm. Dave for his courage, confidence and cheekiness.


Who do you call when you have good news to share?

Dave is my rock. We both have the same sense of humour, so if it’s funny, or important, he’ll always call me, and I’ll always call him. That’s just how we roll.

Mumma dearest is also one of my favourite people to talk to, and she always answers (haha). And if she doesn’t, I just talk to my dogs with an upbeat tone! They tilt their heads, so at least I know someone if listening!

I also love delivering updates and great news to my clients!


My Dad John Lett is my hero, my best friend, my spiritual guide, my guardian angel and was always that person who would give me a direct answer. No sugar coating, no exaggeration, just pure honesty

Natalie Lett
One Agency Morisset

Where do you grab a coffee?

I share the love! I can frequently be seen grabbing a coffee at Dora Creek Newsagency / Grocery Store, or Al’s Coffee Cart at the Train Station if I am passing by early in the morning.


Favourite place to eat, wine and dine?

(LSL, I think you know the answer to this question, haha). In recent times it’s 8 at Trinity. We’ve even treated ourselves to a networking lunch here and there, right Kel? All the staff are wonderful, the service is fabulous, and the meals, cocktails and beverages are the ‘crème de la crème’ (as my Dave would say).

Although I will always have a soft spot for my local, the Bay Hotel Motel & Boatshed Restaurant. I worked at the Bay Hotel for 13 years prior to entering the Real Estate world, as PA to Peter Cullen. Those days were some of the best times of my life! A second home for so many of us, from the bar staff to the kitchen and the office. We were one big cheerful family, including my Dad (who supervised in maintenance and building projects). Nowadays, popping in there can often pull on my heartstrings. So many wonderful experiences from special events and celebrations, nights out, dinners and mourning those that we lost along the way. It’s a fantastic venue that delivers plenty, and the award winning ‘Cellarbrations’ bottle shop filled with Hunter Valley premium wines!

The Dora Creek Workers Club always offers great service, cold beer, and a laid-back atmosphere! It’s an awesome venue to watch a ‘home game’ of footy and it has a great Chinese restaurant!

I am also a devoted lover of Thai food, so for anything flavoursome and oriental, hot and spicy (such as Chef Pok’s ‘Extra Chilli’ style for Dave), it has to be Yummy Thai.
We love the convenience of Thai Square home delivery on occasion, and Pauly’s Pizza is the best Italian / Aussie cuisine in town! Punjabeez Indian is delicious and for fresh seafood, you can’t go past Steve’s Seafood at Dora Creek! If we are BBQing, then it’s Martin’s Meats in Dora Creek and Black Pepper Butchery at the Bay!
I am a self-confessed Foodie, and I’m happy to help anyone reading this with local food suggestions!


What is the name of your favourite locally owned lifestyle business (clothing, homewares, hair & beauty)?

I don’t really get much time for shopping these days, given the business is now running strong at the 12-month mark, but I have always loved Affirmations at the Bay homewares. It makes me feel like I am on holidays when I walk into this ‘feelgood’ space, thanks to owner Michelle.

I love nurseries too! Plants are my thing to buy. Wyee nursery is absolutely stunning and if I had the time, I would spend hours there! I love watching and appreciating things that grow organically and naturally.

I also get really excited finding new treats for my dogs! JESSiE and BiGGiE are on a strict anti-allergy diet but thankfully, finding preservative-free dog foods/treats is getting easier. They’re my babies after all, so it is always my mission to make them happy!


Name a local charity or fundraiser that is close to your heart.

Beyond Blue is an incredible charity and raising Mental Health Awareness is a cause that is very dear to my heart. Our close friends, and my mentors, High End Builder Todd Huggins of Collaroy Constructions – a devoted supporter, and Johanna Griggs whom is on the board of directors for Beyond Blue, dedicate so much of their time to the charity, along with so many other amazing people. This wonderful organisation is having a significant impact on so many lives. Joh’s intelligence, broad skillset and down to earth nature really helps to make a huge difference behind the scenes.

So many amongst us suffer from depression and anxiety. It is a global challenge, that has become particularly prevalent during recent times. Every life is valuable, and Beyond Blue is helping to save precious lives.

We will always donate to the charities that support saving lives, whether it’s humans or animal and wildlife groups.

This year we supported causes that raised funds for the dreadful drought in Australia. It pains us seeing thousands of farmers and country people so severely affected by the harsh conditions. When the bushfires rampaged through our beautiful country last summer, we frequently donated.

The floods across our states were also devastating, with so many homes and people’s livelihoods destroyed, and more recently during Covid-19, where we have also given generously.

I have been saddened by the job loss and business closures (some of them bigenerational), and events that none of us have ever experienced before and may never again.

We respect and support our Australian Veterans and it was certainly a very different way of celebrating the Anzac Dawn Serivce this year, with families and ex-servicemen and women unable to march and publicly pay respects.

My heart goes out to all who continue to struggle. Thankfully there are some wonderful organisations to seek help from.

Reaching out to somebody you think may be in a hard place at this time in their life, is a simple thing we can all do! We just all need to continue being there for one another. There is no place for nastiness or thoughtlessness anymore. No place for offensive behaviour. It’s time to come together and supportive each other.

Everyone makes mistakes, but choose your words carefully, and be kind, as you never know what someone else is going through!

As far as business or industry goes, for goodness sake, be nice to the competition! “If you haven’t got anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all”! My mantra is ‘There is always somebody else worse off, so appreciate what you have’, and my advice is to get on with things and stay in your own lane!

There is no room for complaining; or appearing as though you are … negativity doesn’t do anybody any good. Ditch it, and throw it away.


What is an example of a way you give back to the community you love?

I am a life member of the Morisset Netball Association! I played and voluntarily coached two large teams for over 20 years, including my niece’s age group which was huge! It was such a fulfilling time of my life and many friendships were made with the girls I coached and their parents.

I’d like to think I helped influence the girls positively in some way!

Unfortunately, I am not involved as much as I would like to be due to an extremely busy Real Estate calendar, although I give my continued support.

These last few years, I have paid contributions by sponsoring Dora Creek Workers Club, the Bowls Group for the Seniors; also Men’s, Women’s and Juniors Rugby League Clubs at Dora Creek.

My partner is a dedicated coach and committed community member of the Dora Creek Swampies, it is a wonderful group of people, including Southlakes Junior Rugby League Club.


Give us one or two sentences that sums you up perfectly!

I am hard-working, happy and fun-loving, honest, professional, and always smiling!

I am passionate about my local area and absolutely energetic in all-things ‘real estate’.

‘Natalie is committed to helping you in your real estate journey’.


Something that makes you smile.

Dave, BiGGiE & JESSiE, Family, Friends, and nature … particularly Lake Macquarie.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Working in real estate. I am the happiest I have ever been in my entire real estate career.

I started in a small local family agency, before moving on to the more corporate and nationally recognised McGrath Estate Agents.

I believe I have taken the best parts from both of these learning grounds, and I am sincerely thankful for all of the real estate opportunities I have had to date.

I now operate my own business under the umbrella of One Agency Morisset – Lake Macquarie Sth. I offer my clients many years of experience as a Licensed Real Estate Agent, Stock & Station Agent, and Licensed Auctioneer.

I have developed my skillset and I offer dedicated, passionate service to my local area and I am building a positive and supportive team culture within a small group of local professionals.

As I grow the business, I look forward to offering genuine advice and support to clients along their real estate journey.


Who do you nominate, as an LSL Woman of Style?

Kellie Tonkin Loft, it’s you my dear!

  • For being so brave, adventurous, thinking ‘outside the box’ with this venture.
  • For being totally committed to starting up an amazing launchpad for so many local women, and women in business!
  • For connecting like-minded, go-getting enthusiastic women with each other!

Women can lose themselves within their passion at times, and we invest so much in others, that we don’t take time out for ourselves to bond, socialise and enjoy!

This platform will give us a way to do that! And Kel, it couldn’t have come at a more important time than right now!

Women supporting women, sharing our stories, watching our businesses benefit, learning from each other, seeking inspiration, working together, and applying what we have learned to our own life and business!

Thank you!





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